Your 10 Day End of Tenancy Cleaning vs Professional 50 Hours Cleaning

Our friends from Thoughtful Maids Jersey City have the following tips for us:

The end of tenancy cleaning is time-consuming and demanding, but for sure it is nothing impossible. After all it is humans that perform it and it is humans that inspect it, as well. There is always a way through, you just need to find it and to be motivated enough to follow it ambitiously and vigorously. And here comes the twist. It is not your abilities that are questioned, but your priorities. You, for sure, can spend a couple of days cleaning and perfecting your house and eventually, hopefully, it will look perfect, but the real question is: is it worth it? What is the opportunity cost? What would you do if you didn’t have to spend that much time on your knees scrubbing the bathroom floor? Would you travel, chill out, read books, drink coffee or wine? Would you meet friends, play with your kids, or just stay silent alone for some time? And would you sacrifice all those alternatives for a single simple cleaning that will end up with the inspection? You want the security deposit for sure, and who doesn’t? But do you want to spend your weekdays and your weekends like this. I doubt. Thankfully, there is a bunch of house cleaning companies who could manage this situation more effortlessly, more quickly, and with greater success. And that is why you need to at least think about relying on them and their services? Here is how your 10-day cleaning looks like compared to their dense and super efficient one.


Your Way of End of Tenancy Cleaning

The cleaning itself is the one side of the story, but you personally will need to take care of some other things, as well, especially if you are determined to do everything all alone. The packing and the transportation is something you need to plan in advance and start with a bit earlier. But then, you need to plan the cleaning itself, as well. You will need detergents and cleaning tools and you will need to figure out which for what purpose and where to buy them from. This takes time, but more than that effort and some prior preparation. And in the end of the day, you have spent so much time and you feel so stressed before you have even started with the nightmare of all cleanings.

The Pro End of Tenancy Cleaning

The professionals have the needed skills and they are being frequently trained. But what matters more is that they have experience. They have cleaned many houses and faced many different problems, so they know the way through, they do not need to find it meanwhile. This means that no matter whether you have wine stains on the carpet or fingerprints on every wall, the chance that those people would remove them is super high. And the other biggest advantage of their service is that you don’t need to do anything. Go out, have a cup of coffee, come back home and you will have a guarantee for a successful after tenancy inspection.