Avoiding Germ Parties at Home and at Work

No one enjoys being sick, and a bout of flu or a cold can mean a few miserable days in bed away from work. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to reduce the risk of colds and flu spreading at home and at work.

“Effective disinfection is the core strategy for avoiding germ parties in everyday living and working spaces.” Brian, owner of the best house cleaning company in Houston, That’s Clean Maids.

Shared areas

no germsGerms thrive in common areas such as break rooms as well as in personal areas like desktops. Watch out for surfaces and items such as coffee pots, keyboard, mice, coffee cups, papers, staplers and other everyday items at work.

Faecal bacteria are common at home, but what is surprising is that the kitchen harbours more faecal bacteria than toilets. Items such as cutting boards should be carefully handled, and it is advisable to use dedicated cutting boards for chopping different food groups.

Tips for effective disinfection

Bleach is an inexpensive disinfecting fluid. As a general rule, use 10 parts water to 1 part bleach to make a spray. This can be used to spray toilets, bathroom sinks, and other surfaces. Allow to air dry after spraying, reported WAHM Resource Site.

For the workplace, use disinfecting wipes for convenience. These are easy to apply and to dispose of. Use them on keyboards, desktops, and any other items or areas. Disinfect home and work spaces at least once a week.

Don’t leave your blinds hanging – Vertical blinds cleaning tips

Are constantly fighting off dust in the battle to keep your home fresh and clean? Do you feel like your losing the battle against grease and grime? What does your home say about you? House cleaning is a regular, ongoing and everyday job. It can seem never ending and is often thankless. Dirty blinds and stained carpets can really make your home un welcoming. One of the biggest jobs is cleaning your vertical blinds. These are important because they present your house both inside and out. These simple vertical blind cleaning tips will help you keep on top of the cleaning.

blind cleaning

Vertical blinds can be a nightmare to clean but if left to gather dust and cobwebs they are a nightmare to look at. You need to dust them regularly as you do the rest of your home. Use a duster that will lift the dust right off the blinds rather than just move it around. Other vertical blind cleaning tips that have proven effective include. Using a dust or enzyme spray, use a dust spray to loosen and remove dust from blinds and other hard to reach places. For extensive cleaning which you may like to do once a month with vertical blinds you need to take them down. Depending on material you may only need to vacuum the blinds. You can also soak, scrub and rinse blinds to remove stains. Soak vertical blinds in the bathtub or rinse them outside with hose after cleaning. Use your own home remedy or professional cleaning supplies.

You can use your own household solutions or vertical blind cleaning tips for cleaning blinds but it is also a good idea to use professional cleaning supplies. You can use a soft cloth to wipe down your blinds after soaking or a brush to scrub away excess dirt. If you want to leave them hanging during cleaning you can use a duster, dust cloth, spray or vacuum. Most fabrics will clean up relatively easily and may only require a regular dusting. If your blinds are looking a bit worse for wear just use some of these vertical blinds cleaning tips.

For other tricky cleaning endeavours use some of the best household cleaning tips to make the job a little easier. You will find you have much of what you need already on hand in your home. A number of areas require special attention in your housecleaning efforts. If you focus on these specific areas your home will sparkle and you will be able to notice the difference. Some of the main areas that need extra attention are carpets, kitchen and bathroom. These areas if left to fester will really affect the outlook of your home. With a little care and cleaning they can brighten up the household.

The best household cleaning tips for general carpet cleaning are; use professional cleaning supplies that suit your carpet type and fabric for general cleaning and stain removal. You can use a number of general household cleaning products to remove various substances that may get on your carpet. Windex is helpful for removing paint. For marker or pen marks you can use a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove the stain, dab do not rub. For liquid spills or pet urine first soak up the liquid with paper towels then clean the area with warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and dry. You can also use a combination of water and vinegar to blot the stain, remember to rinse and dry before sprinkling with baking soda or carpet deodoriser. The other option for stains on carpet or for general cleaning is a professional carpet cleaner.

The best household cleaning tips for your kitchen are also the simplest. The kitchen is the one place in the house that needs constant attention. For hygiene and health reasons it is always best to go with the proven professional cleaning supplies. Dusting is the first step and you can use either a spray or handheld duster. Use professional cleaning supplies for oven cleaning, surfaces and dishes.

The bathroom is susceptible to all kinds of cleaning nightmares. The best household cleaning tips for bathrooms are regularity and professional cleaning. Professional cleaning supplies such as disinfectant, toilet, shower and floor cleaners are a must when it comes to keeping your bathroom germ free.

So with these vertical blinds cleaning tips making hard jobs easy and the best household cleaning tips you will find you will have extra time in your life to do the things your really enjoy.

UV Light for Cleaning Purposes

The use of ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs and bacteria has been around since 1903 when Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for Medicine after using UV light against tuberculosis of the skin. Shortly after this, in 1910, the French town of Marseilles began the now-standard practice of using UV light to disinfect the town’s drinking water.

Since then, the science behind using UV light as a disinfectant has grown exponentially, with scientists finally concluding that it is short range UV light (UVC) also known as ‘germicidal UV’ which is responsible for rendering bacteria and other microorganisms as primarily harmless. The effectiveness of UVC in an environment is dependent on a variety of influencing factors, such as the particles involved, the length of exposure and the ability of the bacteria to withstand UVC light. You can try Oasis Natural Cleaning. They are not the cheapest house cleaning company in La Habra Heights, La Mirada, Brea, Glendora, Covina, La Verne, Claremont, San Dimas or Monrovia, but they clean to an incredibly high standard that other cleaning companies do not.

Not only is UVC light particularly effective at neutralising harmful bacteria or at the minimum preventing them from growing and multiplying but it is also an eco-friendly disinfectant. It harnesses the same ultraviolet light that is radiated by the sun and simply concentrates it in a more effective manner in order to kill a greater amount of microorganisms.

Also, ultraviolet lights are used to detect things such as bodily fluids including blood, semen and saliva (as anybody who watches television crime shows like CSI will already know) and organic material deposits. What this means is that not only will UVC light kill microorganisms and bacteria on surfaces, but they will also illuminate areas that are frequently cleaned inefficiently or where they haven’t been cleaned at all.

Your 10 Day End of Tenancy Cleaning vs Professional 50 Hours Cleaning

Our friends from Thoughtful Maids Jersey City have the following tips for us:

The end of tenancy cleaning is time-consuming and demanding, but for sure it is nothing impossible. After all it is humans that perform it and it is humans that inspect it, as well. There is always a way through, you just need to find it and to be motivated enough to follow it ambitiously and vigorously. And here comes the twist. It is not your abilities that are questioned, but your priorities. You, for sure, can spend a couple of days cleaning and perfecting your house and eventually, hopefully, it will look perfect, but the real question is: is it worth it? What is the opportunity cost? What would you do if you didn’t have to spend that much time on your knees scrubbing the bathroom floor? Would you travel, chill out, read books, drink coffee or wine? Would you meet friends, play with your kids, or just stay silent alone for some time? And would you sacrifice all those alternatives for a single simple cleaning that will end up with the inspection? You want the security deposit for sure, and who doesn’t? But do you want to spend your weekdays and your weekends like this. I doubt. Thankfully, there is a bunch of house cleaning companies who could manage this situation more effortlessly, more quickly, and with greater success. And that is why you need to at least think about relying on them and their services? Here is how your 10-day cleaning looks like compared to their dense and super efficient one.


Your Way of End of Tenancy Cleaning

The cleaning itself is the one side of the story, but you personally will need to take care of some other things, as well, especially if you are determined to do everything all alone. The packing and the transportation is something you need to plan in advance and start with a bit earlier. But then, you need to plan the cleaning itself, as well. You will need detergents and cleaning tools and you will need to figure out which for what purpose and where to buy them from. This takes time, but more than that effort and some prior preparation. And in the end of the day, you have spent so much time and you feel so stressed before you have even started with the nightmare of all cleanings.

The Pro End of Tenancy Cleaning

The professionals have the needed skills and they are being frequently trained. But what matters more is that they have experience. They have cleaned many houses and faced many different problems, so they know the way through, they do not need to find it meanwhile. This means that no matter whether you have wine stains on the carpet or fingerprints on every wall, the chance that those people would remove them is super high. And the other biggest advantage of their service is that you don’t need to do anything. Go out, have a cup of coffee, come back home and you will have a guarantee for a successful after tenancy inspection.

Why Select a Bournemouth cleaning company ?

Caution! What you should understand about the 3 different types of cleaners Bournemouth has to offer, prior to you choose one! The difference is not just significant, but it could save you money and time by notice the distinctions.

It is necessary to really feel excellent regarding your selection of the ideal Bournemouth cleaning company, and also to assist you make this decision, you need to understand about the 3 different sorts of cleaning company available. Bournemouth Structure Upkeep is a Type 3 Full Service Janitorial company that has over Thirty Years of encounter. There is a factor that our Bournemouth cleaning company have stood the examination of time as well as competitors.


Different kinds of treatments. From employing, training, and also guidance, are key elements in just what makes cleaning business various.

KIND 1 CLEANING SERVICE: These types of Bournemouth cleaning company, the Small, Regional Mom & Pop or Husband & Better half Cleansing Group, have a few advantages. This kind company could give you appropriate customized focus, yet commonly has little back-up if somebody is unwell or no-shows, so you might have much more missed cleaning days. While working in a close, smaller, family members business like these, you could get excellent rapport, however individuality differences in family members might develop. Bournemouth cleaning services like these may likewise carry lower amounts of insurance coverage. Little operations similar to this commonly do not have complete janitorial capabilities, and inspection as well as guidance could be doing not have.

TYPE 2 CLEANING COMPANY: The Big National Franchise business. This type of operation generally has lots of man-power to team accounts, however just a one-style-fits all cookie cutter “franchise” formula. This is an unique and also distinct function as compared to smaller sized Bournemouth cleaning company. The larger National franchisor, is an expanded kind operation and can decrease the customized “regional” focus, versatility, and personalized cleaning your company could need. Franchisors often have complete janitorial abilities, yet solution levels may be irregular from city to city. Periodically, there is franchisee turn over on accounts, and the “re-selling” of your Bournemouth cleaning services agreement to various other franchisees might cause unneeded turn over of accounts, as well as trigger problems in the real cleaning service.

TYPE 3 CLEANING SERVICE: The Larger, Locally Based Full Service Janitorial Firm. Bournemouth Building Maintenance falls under this classification of Bournemouth cleaning services, and provides the most effective mix of Big company toughness and little company individual attention; Bournemouth Structure Upkeep is an in your area based as well as has been offering Bournemouth as well as surrounding cities considering that 1975, and also you obtain the stability of a larger, developed cleaning up business with lots of man-power that could give seasoned fill in help at any moment, along with the versatility to increase as your Bournemouth cleaning services requires expand. You get regional receptive ownership which additional individual focus. Complete janitorial capabilities are always readily available with DBM, as well as excellent quality assurance measures.

In taking into consideration the different sorts of Bournemouth cleaning services, consider a business like ours, a company that not only keeps your location looking excellent at the right cost, however that makes you feel and also look good for having actually made the appropriate choice! Bournemouth building upkeep is a well-known business with a secure track record, as well as can resolve all your facility cleaning demands. Please also check our house cleaning Facebook page.