Avoiding Germ Parties at Home and at Work

No one enjoys being sick, and a bout of flu or a cold can mean a few miserable days in bed away from work. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to reduce the risk of colds and flu spreading at home and at work.

“Effective disinfection is the core strategy for avoiding germ parties in everyday living and working spaces.” Brian, owner of the best house cleaning company in Houston, That’s Clean Maids.

Shared areas

no germsGerms thrive in common areas such as break rooms as well as in personal areas like desktops. Watch out for surfaces and items such as coffee pots, keyboard, mice, coffee cups, papers, staplers and other everyday items at work.

Faecal bacteria are common at home, but what is surprising is that the kitchen harbours more faecal bacteria than toilets. Items such as cutting boards should be carefully handled, and it is advisable to use dedicated cutting boards for chopping different food groups.

Tips for effective disinfection

Bleach is an inexpensive disinfecting fluid. As a general rule, use 10 parts water to 1 part bleach to make a spray. This can be used to spray toilets, bathroom sinks, and other surfaces. Allow to air dry after spraying, reported WAHM Resource Site.

For the workplace, use disinfecting wipes for convenience. These are easy to apply and to dispose of. Use them on keyboards, desktops, and any other items or areas. Disinfect home and work spaces at least once a week.