Holiday House Cleaning

Holidays are generally fun and rest. Sometimes its holiday cleaning or house cleaning on holiday. Normally for households where the responsibility of house cleaning is on the shoulders of a working woman of the house, holiday is often a time to clean, decorate and shop. Do you have a complain of your holiday getting spent just over house cleaning. Here are our happy holiday house cleaning tips to clean houses efficiently without wasting your whole day. You can easily save at least evenings for absolute fun time or rest hours.


House Cleaning Tips for a Happy Holiday

  1. If you have grown up children, keep a schedule for holiday. Just assign some easy arranging and cleaning tasks to your kids must for every weekly holiday. This will ease your workload greatly.
  2. Never be in confusion or fuss over doing a lot in a single holiday. House cleaning is an extensive task and needs a proper management and distribution. Do not keep on forcing all tasks at a time. Divide the tasks between alternate weekends.
  3. Take up some decorative works on holiday which will make your home look beautiful.
  4. Dusting floors, ceilings and windows – Do not insist yourself on cleaning all the floors, ceilings and windows and doors on one day. You may just clean up windows of your bed room during one weekend. As for other room’s ceilings and windows, you can schedule it for the next weekend. While you clean tougher places like ceilings, fans, walls etc. do clean it fortnightly or with a gap of more but with use of good cleaners and brushes or scrub cloths to make the sparkle for a longer period of time. Little cleaning every weekend may exhaust you and will give you little time left for fun.
  5. Kitchen is the heart of your home and do not forget to give it a deep clean at every holiday. Clean the refrigerator too and get rid of unrequired items immediately. Make the fridge full of space for the upcoming hectic week schedule.
  6. Collect all the laundry like bed linen, window curtains, pillow covers to be washed and put them in the washing machine which you may forget otherwise due to hectic schedule during weekdays.
  7. Giver your house a vacuum clean and a nice mop. As for daily you may do it daily at random or may mop at alternate days.
  8. Give turns to the arrangements and cleanings of rooms, tables, cupboards, closet etc. you may clean all your drawers or cabinets in a single day to exhaust your holiday. Give cleaning to one or two cabinets at one weekend.


If you can think of other holiday house cleaning tip not touched here, do share with us. Hope the above holiday house cleaning ideas are liked by you and it will help you to manage your task of house cleaning in an efficient way. Our aim is to give you ideas which will help you to carry out house cleaning on holiday with a good time left for rest and enjoyment.