How to maintain your sofas. Some useful tips for different spots removal

How to maintain your sofas. Some useful tips for different spots removal

It is very important to keep our upholstery in good condition.It is not enough the carpet to be clean.

All bellow mentioned tips will keep your upholstery clean, but we recommend you to use the service of a carpet cleaning company do disinfect the furniture, because it is not only important to look nice, but also to be safe for for your health.

Before cleaning the floor we have to take care of the sofa and the armchairs first.

Most of us do not realize that they are covered with a lot of skin particles and dust mites To clean the sofa or the armchairs is not that difficult actually.
It is much more easier then cleaning the carpet for example.

You have to hoover them regularly and with a damp brush( or a sponge depending on the texture or the fabric used) brush them. Remember that it is not good idea to wash the cover in the washing machine. You can do that by hand or you can call us to do that for you.


If you spill coffee or your kids spoil the sofa with oil stains or chocolate no need to worry,every stain can be removed. You have to know that you shouldn’t put the detergent directly on the sofa.

Also you shouldn’t dry artificially the treated spot, just leave it to dry by itself.

If the stain is from coffee, you only need to make a mixture of water and soap and treat the spot with a sponge. Then leave to dry.

If the spot is from juice make a mixture of vinegar and ammonia. Treat the spot and leave to dry.

If you have to remove stain from wine, just pour some salt on it and leave for half an hour the salt to be absorbed by the liquid. Then wipe with a cloth or hoover it.

Do not be furious if you see a bubble gum. The most easy way to get rid of it is to take ice cube and leave it over the gum.When it is firm try to scrub it with a knife and wipe with a cloth with some nail varnish.

What about the chocolate- just wipe it with warm water with some soap in it and the stain will be removed.

If your sofa is from leather it is much more easier to be cleaned but those type of upholstery demands special cares.

Keep them far from direct sunlight. When cleaning the stains you have to act fast and if the liquid is not dry you have to wipe it with dry cloth.Do not treat them with detergents if it is not written on them that they can be used for leather.

The spots from oil only have to be wiped with soft dry cloth.