Lets Talk about carpets and why do we need Professional Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth Service

Lets Talk about carpets and why do we need Professional Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth Service

We  are so happy after the long, exhausted working day to get home and have rest. Just to throw our jackets and shoes and enjoy our privacy. It is time for relaxation and pleasures. No need to be mentioned that one of the greatest things you can experience while being at home is to be barefoot. And now comes the point to talk about carpets. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth company can help you keep them clean and fresh.
The carpet may seem clean but you should be aware of the facts that:

*There are about several pounds of soil and dust that get accumulated during a year. Hoovering every week will not help that to be prevented. For that reason it is really important for you to trust a Professional cleaning agency to do a professional carpet cleaning. We use a professional machines that are extremely strong and they can hoover the dust from underneath while shampooing the carpet.

* Bacterias can live up to 4 weeks on carpets. That means that viruses transmitted by food such as Salmonella enteritis for example that causes diarrhoea and vomiting can live in your carpet.

* Everyone of us shed around 1,5 million skin flakes for only an hour. All that goes on the floors and the carpets.

* Scientists recommend carpets to be cleaned professionally every 12 months, however Amazing Cleaners advices you to do that more often.

* Do not forget also that wall- to- wall carpet is much more unhealthy than the small rugs, they are harder to be cleaned because the endpoints gather more chemicals, moisture that provides mold and mildew.

* It is not recommendable to place carpets near the fireplace because it is quite possible Firebrat( kind of bugs) to be attracted and they practically can eat almost anything.

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