Summer time and cleaning in Bournemouth

Summer time and cleaning in Bournemouth

Summer is probably the best time a spring cleaning to be done, in other words the whole house to be cleaned. A lot of people use the time for repairing, decorating as well.

It is the right time to wash the curtains, wipe the windows, air everywhere and check and wash all your staff. It is not a bad idea for you to check as well all the staff you have piled for months, decide what use to get from it and simply throw away all you do not need. It is much more easier if you book a cleaner for spring cleaning service to come and help you. Having somebody to help you will save you time and it will be less tiring for you.

You will guide the cleaner what to do. You can ask her to help you not only with the cleaning, but also in organising your wardrobes, iron, fold them and put them in order nicely.

You can make some space in your flat or change the place of the sofa or the desk. Take out everything from the cupboards and the wardrobes. Wipe the shelves with detergent or mix water with soap and a sponge and after that wipe with clean cloth.



Leave ajar for awhile and then precisely fold and place back everything. When you check the cupboards just throw the useless and spoiled products. Check the fridge, if there is unpleasant smell you can use bleach or vinegar to remove it.
Check the oven and the hobs.

Bathroom- if you have a cleaner on a regular basis then maybe your bathroom is not in bad condition. But even so, it will be nice if you clean it thoroughly. Descale it and check if there is mould as well.

Use bleach for the tiles, the toilet and bleach the mould spots – it will not remove them , but at least they wont be that visible. You may try to put some silicon over the mould. Check the cupboards in the bath as well.

Throw everything you do not use. Organize the stuff you use. Ask your cleaner to disinfect everywhere.

Bedrooms – take out everything of the shelves, wipe them with soap water. Organize your clothes. Wash your duvets and the blankets. It is not a bad idea to wash everything.

Leave everything open, so it can be refreshed. Check everywhere for cobwebs.
Let’s not forget for garden.

For the kitchen and the bathroom definitely it will be better if you trust a cleaner from a professional agency.

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